Urban Fam

This past weekend I had the pleasure of shooting one of my favorite families - downtown! I am going to start out with my favorite shot - not because it is perfect - actually it is quite the opposite! We were trying to get Kady to sit with her dad and sister for a father daughter shot, but Kady had other ideas! She just wanted to run around. Call me crazy, but this is what I love about photographing families - moments like these. They are so honest.
On to the more traditional pictures. ;)

And since I started with an honest shot, I'll end with one too. Samantha was feeling a bit under the weather. I love this picture of Misty comforting her. 
Thank you McHenry family for another great photo session!


Waiting Patiently

My good friend Michelle is pregnant with her second baby, due next month! Needing to get a maternity shoot under my belt, I convinced her to let me practice on her beautiful belly. Not only was this my first maternity shoot, it was also my very first shoot with my new camera! The adorable Klock family was so patient with me as I fumbled around with my new toy.
Not only are they waiting for their sweet baby to arrive, they are waiting to find out the gender! I have my guess, but I am usually wrong, so I'll keep it to myself. But, needless to say I can't wait to meet the little one. And now, the soon to be family of four!

The camera loved Big Sis

Michelle, the epitome of a glowing mother-to-be

 A perfect baby bump

I can't wait to meet you baby Klock!